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“When we share what we were brought here to give, we are in alignment with our highest, most powerful selves."

For months now, we have been working to create a brand that speaks to our values and passions. An idea that spawned from two friends who wanted to share their talents, and a need in the market for people to shop ethically without compromising their personal style.

We have spent many days / nights discussing what Left Edit should look like - above all, we kept coming back to the idea of embracing our differences. We both have different bodies and personalities, so why should the clothes we wear be put into the same box?

Supporting different brands to create our own unique style is the reality of how we shop. To achieve these looks, we challenged each other to bring our own personalities through - both Holly's “classic with an edge” and Kestrel's “unexpected combinations”.

Styling Tip: 1 Shirt, 3 Ways 

We all have those go-to pieces in our closets - the ones we know exactly what to pair with. A few ways we like to spice it up is to force ourselves to pick a new combination. Pairing a sheer top with a colorful bralette or playing with button height are ways to breathe new life into those tired pieces. 

Styling Tip: Unexpected Combinations

When we get dressed in the morning, human nature often kicks in and robot mode takes over. We think to pair the same things we've always worn together, as "they work". We on the other hand really LOVE looking in our wardrobe in the morning, and thinking through how we could layer something different together. In this case, Kestrel threw a kimono on over a jumpsuit and buttoned it up. It literally completely changed the vibe and look, and at the same time, brought this majestic yet extremely comfortable element to the outfit. Sometimes, the unexpected combinations might become your future go-tos.


Skirt. by Faithfull The Brand
Top. thrifted
Shoes. by Schutz
Bra. by


Kimono. thrifted from La Loupe Vintage
Hat. vintage Stetson, found at a thrift shop
Earrings. by Often Wander, handmade in San Diego
Jumpsuit. thrifted
Shoes. by Modern Vice, made-to-order in New York City


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