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Left Edit is a collaborative approach to the future of fashion.


Thanks for cruising by Left Edit. We are honestly so grateful you're here. The desire to build a brand that speaks to our values + reflects our aesthetic has always been running through our veins.  We believe in the power of personal style, and feeling confident and comfortable in your own clothes. For us, it's not about having endless options; it's about having the right ones.  


Quality Is Our Mantra

If we had a nickel for every time quality was sacrificed for style, we would be a fast fashion brand ;) But for us, we want what we wear to have longevity, durability, and style. Our clothes should reflect the depth of who we are. And, honey - we are everything but cheap.

Fit Is Our Drive

We fill our closets with clothes we wish we could love. But, the fit falls short and we are left wanting more. We realize that more maybe isn't better. Instead, pieces that flatter, that move, and that bring comfort to our lives do. Because, if our clothes don't fit - what's the point? 

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